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997 high torque high speed DC motor


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Model: 997 DC motor
Voltage: DC12 - 48V
Model:997 Low Speed

Speed:DC12V   3000RPM

             DC24V  6000RPM

             DC36V  9000RPM

Model:997 High Speed

Speed:DC12V   6000 RPM

           DC24V 12000 RPM

           DC36V 18000 RPM

Torque: maximum 26kg /CM

15-20A current is recommended

Direct use of 220V household electricity is prohibited

 Bracket need to be purchased separately!


Used in: cutting machine, sand belt machine, lathe, milling machine, bench drill, electric drill, polishing machine, Buddha bead machine, lawn mower, wire saw, band saw, electric grinding machine, carving machine, scooter, etc.