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High power and torque


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Motor type: 775/795/895
Rated voltage: DC12V-24V
Idling speed:13000~15000rpm
Rated current:1.2A
Rated power:100~360W
Shaft Diameter:5mm
Rate speed: 775  12000rpm   
                    795  10000rpm
                    895   6000rpm 
                    895  12000rpm


Starting current needs to above 10A.

Double ball bearings, high speed, large torque, low noise.

Built-in cooling fan.

It is recommended to use 360W, 24V, 15A switching power supply, and can not directly use household 220V.
Rated voltage: DC12V -24V (the same motor can use 12 to 24V voltage) 
Steering: Support positive and negative rotation (use positive and negative switch or reverse polarity connection) 
Motor step height: 4.5mm 
Motor step diameter: 18mm 
Motor diameter: 48mm plus magnetic ring 50MM 
Shaft diameter: 5mm (same as 775 motor) 
Motor tail shaft length: about 6mm 
Pitch of mounting hole: approx. 29mm 
Screw hole for mounting hole: M4 screw and M5 screw 
Motor weight: 495g